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When you work like a dog, why not play with 

one of ours for a while!


Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the right to access alternative therapeutic interventions that benefit the individual. CCT looks at ‘wellness’ through a forward-thinking lens - a simplistic,  approach to alleviating  stress and anxiety in the workplace and in everyday life. 

Your Go-To Trained Therapy Dog Provider

Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT) is a reputable, Toronto-based company that provides trained Therapy Dogs and their handlers (one dog and their owner/handler is a team) to the workplace and private environments. We promote employee productivity and well-being by offering therapeutic visits right in your office or private space.


About Our Company

Our services are unique. We offer a variety of services, and dog breeds/sizes to suit the wishes of individuals. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with dogs, which is why the communication with us prior to visits enables us to customize the interaction at your workplace.

Why Choose Us

We understand the benefits of canine interactions. Our dedicated team will facilitate a structured office visit in a controlled environment in your office or meeting room. If preferred, we’ll even provide ‘mini’ workstation visits during your busy day for a more casual and personal interaction (our teams must be accompanied by a company employee).

THerapy Dog Pack

Our Competitive Edge

  • Unique service to the Industry

  • 47 teams to select from ranging from a 4lb. Teddy Bear Pomeranian to our 140lb. mascot Great Dane Harlow.

  • Background in the Corporate Marketplace

  • Variety of Services Offered

  • Fully Insured

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