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Basic Training by Therapy Dog Handlers

Basic obedience is a MUST for every dog. Our Teams are vetted and evaluated based on their ability to respond to BASIC commands. Temperament and disposition are also KEY to a well behaved dog.

Not all dogs need ‘professional training’- they need owners who know what to do, and be consistent in how to deliver it.

Our Handlers have trained their dogs successfully, worked thousands of hours with CCT, and enjoy their working dogs.

We’re now offering a comprehensive way of handling your own dog!  Let our handlers train you and your new family member ...who knows you may decide you’d like to work for us. 

Steve Scaini is our head handler trainer with a passion for training. 

Hourly rates and training packages available.

Steve and Champ

Steve and Champ

Areas we train

A well trained dog, is a pleasure to own.  We can help.

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