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Wellness Wednesday June 2023



Global News Blue Monday Cadillac Fairview

City TV Blue Monday Cadillac Fairview

Blue Monday Interview of Corporate Canine Therapy

CTV Blue Monday Cadillac Fairview

CTV Interview of Corporate Canine Therapy


Nov. 6 2019 

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Onsite Corporate Canine Therapy visits at downtown office


CCT visits ET Canada Facebook Live Aug. 2019

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On site at an event


Pets aren’t allowed in your workplace? Try Therapy Dog visits


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Canines at work article

Who’s A Good Boy? 

How your dog can become a therapy animal in Ontario

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By Josh Sherman - Published on October 19, 2018

Therapy Dog requirments

Modern Dog Magazine

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Toronto Guardian (click on article)

Article about he benifits of Therapy Dogs at work

Our Clients’ Therapy Dog Experiences

Find out why clients choose and trust our trained owner- owned therapy dogs 

Hilton Hotel

Many thanks for the time spent with these amazing dogs, our employees have not stopped talking about it, and we will look forward to more time together.



Pivotal Software

Thank you so much to you and the Corporate Canine Therapy team for coming in today! I've never seen our team members so happy. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, we will certainly be booking again!

Angela T

Workplace Operations Coordinator


Family at Children's Hospital in Toronto

Corporate Canine Therapy has an unmatched love and passion for helping people through tough times. Our son started seeing Harlow at 3 months old when faced with his cancer diagnosis. Harlow and Rodney dedicated their time every week, for 8 months, to our son. While living in the hospital, those visits were undoubtedly the highlight of our week. There is no child too young or adult too old to benefit from dog therapy. We saw that first hand. Dog therapy is better than medication. Harlow and Rodney put a smile on our faces on the darkest of days. They were by our side through the hardest time in our lives. When we needed a hand to hold, Harlow gave us her paw. We are forever grateful for the love and support that they gave our family.

Whether your family is facing a tough medical diagnosis, you’re looking to boost productivity in the workplace, lift spirits at a retirement community, help children in school when they are struggling or acting out, or need a furry friend at your next corporate event; you will ALWAYS be happy that you chose Corporate Canine Therapy.

The Dougherty Family


The Sterling Hall School Wellness Day Co-Ordinators

Thank you so much for today! My students and school community responded so well to you and to the dogs. They were all so well loved! I am sure Harlow & the other dogs are all exhausted after having over 100 students interact with them. What a special day and experience. Thank you to Corporate Canine Therapy for contributing so wholeheartedly to our Health & Wellness Day!


Suzanne Lagacey 


Live Nation

I just wanted to send you, Rodney, and Harlow a quick note to say thank you again so much for today!

Everyone is still beaming from our visit.

We truly appreciate all that you do for the community.

All the best!

Alana Perri 

Corporate Client

Corporate Canine Therapy was a delight to work with, they made everything so easy. The dogs are so well behaved and cute, they brought many smiles and laughs to our employees. The event was a hit with everyone and the talk of the office for weeks”

Alex Langmuir 

Aurum Window Cleaning & Property Maintenance

I had Harlow come to our offices for some canine therapy and she was just amazing. She made our busy day less stressful and allowed us to enjoy the company of her for a little while. She really helped with making everyone's day a little brighter! Thank you!"

Jessica Canzanese

Social Media & Events Coordinator

Metier Creative

"We had the BEST time with 5 of the dogs from the CCT pack. 

It was much needed on a Tuesday after a long weekend! Every single employee said that they felt so much more relaxed after having some puppy time. Can't wait for the next visit!!" 

Hannah P


 Account  Management

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