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Best reception ever

Office Dog / Lobby Greeting Dog

*Packages designed for Corporate offices /  Hotels/ and Property Managers.

"Why can't you be here more often?"

We hear this at every visit.

It can be a challenge to motivate people to come into their workplace these days and buildings are not yet near capacity.

Invite our dogs to assist you in motivating staff and tenants.

Show them you're invested in their wellbeing.

A few moments with one (or more) of our vetted Teams will ensure they start the day on a positive note, or to come enjoy a short break to de-stress during the day.

*Our Wellness Managers will customize a Wellness Package that suits your office or building or hotel lobby needs. 

Click the "book us" button below and we will be in touch. 

Therapy Dogs

Doongie, Bacon, Champ and Harlow

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