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Let Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT) in Toronto, Ontario help you relieve stress in the workplace with trained therapy dog visits. Get a glimpse of how our four-legged friends can positively affect you and your team by browsing our gallery below.


Therapy Dog


This gentle giant, Harlow, is an award winning Therapy Dog who loves working with kids and adults. At 130 lbs she has huge WOW factor and is a crowd favorite * Harlow is Child Certified.

Owner Rodney


Therapy Dog


Champ is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

He's fun loving, sweet, eager to learn and has an endearing quality that allows him to immediately connect with people.

Owner Steve


Therapy Dog


Mila is a beautiful Samoyed.

She has a perpetual smile, and her temperament is EXCELLENT, especially with children.

Owner Maria


Therapy Dog


Doongie is a gentle Husky who has two different coloured eyes. He's gentle with seniors and young children. He absolutely loves food, (especially belly rubs) and eating snow.

Owner  Michelle

​@doong2_ _

Therapy Dog


Harley is a fun-loving and very curious Corgi. . Harley is already a media darling being featured in ad campaigns, TV appearances, editorial shoots and even radio!

Owner Sonya


Therapy Dog


Bobo is a 5 pound Teddy Bear Pomeranian. This tiny creature brings an abundance of joy to everyone he visits. 

Owner Sandy


Therapy Dog


Bacon is a 16lb Mini Schnauzer.

He is a working fashion model and aspiring trick dog.

He likes getting into monkey business and being the centre of attention.

Owner Tiana



Bronco is a young Golden Doodle who is gentle, loving, and Mr. Social!! He prefers snow to sun, and a ball is his favorite toy in the world.

Owner Lauren


Wellington is a Whoodle - a mix of a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier / Poodle. He's curious, intelligent and social, Welly loves the company of seniors and children

Owner Lilie


A Pug who has a huge love for children and people of all ages. She is known for being an international traveller with her Mum and makes friends everywhere she goes. 

Owner Ann


Therapy Dog


Louis  is a Havanese who enjoys visiting and Being cuddled by everyone  he meets. He is playful and will put smile on your face.

Owner  Joanne

Therapy Dog


Liza is a sweet, goofy Chocolate Lab. Loves jet skiing, kayaking, and swimming.

She has her nails painted different colours every week.

Owner Joanne

Therapy Dog


He is a sweet and 'houndsome' Beagle. He loves bringing joy to people, and is wonderful with children and seniors

Owner Heidi


Therapy Dog


Mendo is an adorable, gentle Boston Terrier. He loves adventures, playing with his friends and is especially fond of visiting anyone who will give him a scratch. 

Owner Stevie

Therapy Dog


Darla is a gentle giant. She is a St. Bernard mix who thinks she’s a lap dog, and was found as a street dog in Mexico in 2018, 

Owner Cydney 

Therapy Dog


Mayo is a French Bulldog, and 25 lbs. of pure joy. He is great with children, and if you find THE SPOT - you’ll get to hear his signature “purrr”. 

Owner Lauren


Therapy Dog


Luna is a  Mini Aussie-Doodle! She is  playful and loves the attention from everyone. 

Owner Ariela

Therapy Dog


Broui is a rare-coloured Aussie Doodle. This classy pup is always ready for an adventure while dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. Broui is happy-go-lucky, loves meeting new friends, and visiting new 


Owner Athena & Jordan


Trained Therapy Dog


Stormy is a beautiful 2 year old Lab, named after the Dark and Stormy cocktail. She is affectionate with everyone, loves food, and likes to sleep with all four paws in the air.

Owner Val


 Beau is a chill and relaxed Newfoundland. At 150 lbs, he is a gentle giant who  loves his job as a Therapy Dog.

Owner Susanne


He is a perfect gentleman. He loves to give kisses

when invited and tummy rubs are the best part of the his day. Young and friendly: his passion is meeting new people


Mochi is a Shiba Inu.  He's putty in your hands when given a deep massage behind the ears and neck rolls.

Owner Sue


Therapy Dog


Kirby is a sweet Havanese. He gets excited when the phone rings and he thinks it’s the pizza man.  

Owner Lee

Therapy Dog


Pińa is an adorable French Bulldog. She loves meeting new people, being held like a baby and being the centre of attention

Owner Gwen


Therapy Dog


Everybody loves Georgie. He's a Chow-Corgi' mix, He's a chill, sweet, and super soft rescue from the Dominican Republic. 

Owner Sue


Therapy Dog


Snickers is a Schnoodle who loves hanging out with friends of all ages. She has done over 200 visits at hospitals, airports, courtrooms and more. 

Owner Kathy


Therapy Dog


Anuk is a Siberian Husky who came to her family as a foster.  She is easy going, and gentled natured.  She is great with kids, seniors and everyone in between.

Owner Lori

Therapy Dog


Elliot is a Mini Golden Doodle with a gentle disposition. He's pretty chill, and is happy hanging out on the back of a kayak or on the couch. His sweet nature and calm attitude make him a favourite with kids and adults alike. 

Owner  Naomi


Therapy Dog


Daisey is a French Bulldog.  She has a very calm temperament and is sweet in every way. She enjoys her walks but also loves to be pushed around in her stroller to watch the world go by. 

Owner Ali


Therapy Dog


Gabriella is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is a delightful little girl who loves to be held and works with her sister Gracie.

Owner Jan & Larry


Therapy Dog


Jagger is a French Bulldog / Pug, He is a uniquely coloured brindle and is always happy! He wiggles when you pet him and gets excited to go outside. Jagger loves his big sister Pumpkin.

Owner Ann

Therapy Dog


This is Kona - a happy go-lucky girl, adaptable to any environment and situation, especially if she’s the center of attention. Born to be cuddled and picked up, and lives for adoration and pets from people she meets. She might give you a kiss if you aren’t careful!

Owner Maisie

Therapy Dog


Gracie is a tiny but fearless Yorkshire Terrier. She keeps up with her big sister Gabriella as they are always on security patrol in the backyard. Nighttime finds Gracie curled up with her sister Gabriella dreaming of what she will explore tomorrow.

Owner Jan & Larry


THerapy Dog


Flowzy is a 1 year old Pot cake puppy from Bahamas . Flowzy was named Flowzy because she literally, ‘goes with the flow’. She is very sweet with all dogs - big and small.

Owner Kelli

Therapy Dog


An Irish Terrier and Golden Retriever cross. Her favourite things are sleeping in in the morning, her boyfriend Charlie the Cairn Terrier down the street, and having her belly rubbed. 

Owner Andreas

Therapy Dog


We’re excited to welcome our first Basenji (a.k.a. African Barkless Dog) DiDi is a smart and curious  puppy and the most beloved little brother for his ​hooman sister. When he’s not enjoying cuddle time or chasing after squirrels, 


Therapy Dog


Spoon(ful), is a young

Australian Labradoodle, loves

everybody -Humans and dogs

of all sizes. While he longs to

be chased in the park (and he

is lightening fast), what

Spoon really enjoys is

affection from people.

Owner Kathryn

Therapy Dog


Oakley is an Aussie-Doodle who loves the water. He will give you a high five or a hug on demand. He also loves to play the ball thief at the dog park.

Owner David

Therapy Dog


Penny is a Coton de Tulear who is chill, gentle and curious. She enjoys being on your lap and being carried like a baby. 

Owner Lisa

Therapy Dog


Moon is a Silver Lab, and the youngest of her three siblings (Mare and Milo). She’s super loving and sweet,  She loves  cuddling and is very calm.

Owner Réne & Arturo

Therapy Dog


Baxter’s a Cockapoo, who’s oh so very sweet,

He’s Mr. Social, and loves to meet and greet.

Baxter loves to be petted, without a doubt,

And is a real kissy face, so you better watch out.

With his ever wagging stubby tail,

And his floppy ears that aren’t to scale,

He will bring joy and smiles to everyone,

Right up until the day is done.

Owner Tami


Therapy Dog


Ruby-Roo the Rescue Potcake is a chicken-gobbling, sock-stealing, sun-seeking pup. She's a goofy girl who is always up for new experiences and a chance to show off her many tricks!

Owner Jonathan


Therapy Dog


Sonny is a teddy bear🧸 in pug form. He is a ray of sunshine! He is happiest melted into your lap or on his pillow throne on the couch. He will smother you in kisses!

Owner Stephanie/Ervin


Therapy Dog


Jimmy is a 22-month-old Australian Shepherd and Sheltie blend,  With a naturally friendly disposition, Jimmy gravitates towards people and often wins them over with his charm. Jimmy enjoys the simple pleasures of canine life.

Owners(s)  John & Deborah

Therapy Dog


Meet Mookie!

He is a 1 1/2 year old Frenchie. He loves to snuggle and play all day. 

He will do anything for a treat and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Owner Deedee

Therapy Dog


Buster is a super affectionate, 4-year-old flat-coated Golden Doodle. His two most important passions in life: to get the most pets and cuddles as possible and to earn all the treats he can with his impressive array of tricks! He loves everyone he meets. 

Owner Jane


Therapy Dog


Mare is a White Sheep Dog.  She LOVES attention, and socializing with everyone.  

Owner Réne & Arturo

Therapy Dog


Teddy is a Morkie. She’s always excited to meet new people, loves children and is very gentle and happy. 

Owner Ashley 

Therapy Dog


Kali is a Doodle mix and part social butterfly. She loves her people -new and old- who will be greeted with a wagging tail and a smile as she steps right in.

Owner Michael


Therapy Dog


Ella is a northern rescue pup. She is very sweet, loving, easy going and playful. Snuggling is her favorite thing to do! She is known for her famous paw pose when taking pictures and offering treats. Everyone falls in love with her as soon as they meet her.

Owner Christina

Therapy Dog


Mija is a social butterfly🦋 full of personality and affection and is definitely the life of the party! She is known to melt hearts and smother you in kisses!  She loves the attention!

Owner Stephanie/Ervin


Therapy Dog


Pluto is a Standard Poodle who loves to love! He is smart, sweet, playful, affectionate, happy and is enthusiastic about connecting with people. 

Owner Jessica

Therapy Dog


This is Myca. He’s a sweet Mini Bernedoodle, 8 years young 35lbs with the soul of a puppy. He’s spreading joy as a Therapy Dog veteran of 5 years, non shedding and hypoallergenic he loves being the centre of attention.

Owner Sheryl


Therapy Dog


Zoe is a 20lb loaf of pug love! In her spare time, she enjoys agility, napping, and snuggling with her humans.



 @ zoe_zeus_and_tink 

Therapy Dog


Milo is a Chocolate Lab and a  big brother to Mare and Moon. He loves to cuddle in the couch He’s a smart boy who’s awesome around kids.

Owner Réne & Arturo

Therapy Dog


Ripley is a small but mighty French Bulldog. Weighing 4 oz at birth, he's now a staggering 22 lbs. He loves his zoomies and belly scratches. 

Owner Lisette

Therapy Dog


Ruby is a miniature dachshund. She loves butt scratches and is always ready for a belly rub. Ruby's favorite activities are trail walks and sleeping in the sun.

Owner Patrizia

Therapy Dog


Suki is small for her breed, golden retriever and Labrador retriever mix, but big in personality. She is a very sweet girl who loves meeting new people. She is used to being around adults and children of various ages. Suki is happiest when she is getting a belly rub or a treat! 

Owner Naela


Therapy Dog

Mr. Bo

Mr. Bo is a distinguished gentle furman. He’s truly a wise soul who can brighten anyone’s day. When Mr. Bo isn’t giving sage advice, he likes to lounge in his study  smoking cigars and drinking the finest

 aged whiskeys

Owner(s) Mahmood / Danielle


Therapy Dog


Lamar is a Bernese mountain dog. He is named after the delicious Swiss cheese Le Marechal. He is known in our neighbourhood as “The Big Cheese”. He loves snacks, pats and his girlfriend Laura the Golden Retriever.

Owner Susanne

Therapy Dog


Meet Charlie, a twelve pound, five-year old hypo-allergenic Havanese. His colouring is called Chocolate Parti. Who doesn’t love a chocolate party?  Charlie thinks that every human and every dog is his friend and openly welcomes them. He knows numerous tricks that he will gladly perform them.

Owner Ida



Shadow is an eight year old female Blue Tick Beagle. She is highly intelligent and very gente.  She loves anyone she meets and even likes cats.

Owner Gary 

Image 2023-09-08 at 11.15 AM.jpeg


Bentley is a 1.5 year old West Highland White Terrier. He brings love and joy to everyone he meets!. He loves walks & naps, as well as spending his night devouring bully sticks & relaxing by hanging off the couch. 

Owner Julia



Phoebe is a gentle, quiet and well behaved 3-year-old Mini Goldendoodle.

Trained as both a Service Dog (for Autism) and as a Therapy Dog.

Quite the trickster Phoebe enjoys - fetching sticks from the lake and to showing off her basic tricks / agility skills.

She has had great success with children and adults who were previously afraid of dogs.

Owner Suzanne

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