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Promoting Positivity in the Workplace

Take a break from the stress and pressure of working long hours by turning to Corporate Canine Therapy (CCT) in Toronto, Ontario. We help create a relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere in your workplace by offering corporate canine therapy.

Benefits of Corporate Canine Therapy

Encourages Teamwork
Helps Make Workplace Interactions Easy
Encourages Attendance
Reduces Stress Levels
Boosts Workplace Productivity
Improves Happiness
Provides Comfort
New study shows up to 14 hrs. of 'feeling good' after interaction with pups.
Establishes connection Between Employees
Decreases Turnover Rate


Physical Benefits of Dog Visits

Releases Calming/ Bonding Endorphins (Oxytocin)

Decreases the Production of the Stress Hormone “Cortisol”

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Lowers Overall Physical Pain

Produces an Automatic Relaxation Response


Mental Health Benefits of Canine Therapy

Increases Socialization

Reduces Anxiety

Aids Children and Adults in Overcoming Speech and Emotional Disorders

Increased Sense of Community 

Reduces Boredom 

Elevates Mood and Reduces Risk of Depression

Alleviates the Feelings of Isolation

Encourages Communication

Helps Children Focus

PAWS for Reading (helps kids with literacy skills) Kids read to dog

Reduces Loneliness

Creates Motivation for Faster Recovery

Aids in Lessening the Stress Caused by Tight Deadlines and Long Working Hours

Reduces a Child's stress in a doctors clinic

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